The paludification map of the Central-Siberian biosphere reserve

S. M. Gorozhankina



The local specificity of paludification in the Yenisei region of Siberia is considered for the territory between 62—64°N and 88—92°E. The main peculiar features are: the relatively low degree of paludification, localization of ecosystems of hydromorphic series primarely in valleys, insignificant signs of cryogenesis in peats. 

The typology and geographical range of hydromorphic ecosystems are characterized. The main criteria of typological classification are as follows: the topographical position; the ecological-physiognomical, phytocoenotical and taxation characteristics of vegetation; the hydromineral nutrition type; the thickness of peat layer; the manifesting of soil cryogenesis.

This classification is adopted for mapping. The map of paluded lands of the reserve, scale 1 : 100 000, is illustrated by its fragment for area of 450 sq. km. 

The west boundary of palsa mires at the territory between 62–64°N is corrected.

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Gorozhankina S. M. 1999. The paludification map of the Central-Siberian biosphere reserve // Geobotanical mapping 1997. St. Petersburg. P. 48–55.