Macrostructure of vegetation cover in Russiaranalysis of map

Т. К. Yurkovskауa, I. S. Iljina, I. N. Safronova



The vegetation map s. 1:15 000 000 reflects the most important space regularities in distribution of vegetation. The regional-typological principle has been used in construction of the legend. The highest divisions of the legend are ''Vegetation of plains" and ''Vegetation of mountains''. The vegetation of plains is further subdivided into types of vegetation: the tundra, boreal, nemoral, steppe and desert one. The next hierarhic stage is represented by regional complexes including mapping categories in their subzonal sequence. In the mapping of montane vegetation we rejected the traditional showing of separate mountain belts. Every mountain massif is showed as a whole retaining the essential features of its separate parts which are accounted for latitudinal position of pedestal, height of given massif, and its meridional position. The typical belt sequence, characterizing the definite segment of mountain massif is used as a mapping unit. Due to such construction of the legend the map conveniently present the botanical-geographic macrostructure of vegetation cover and its separate subdivisions. In the paper regional division of vegetation is considered in detail.

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Yurkovskауa Т. К., Iljina I. S., Safronova I. N. 2002. Macrostructure of vegetation cover in Russiaranalysis of map // Geobotanical mapping 2001-2002. St. Petersburg. P. 3–15.