The vegetation of the Nature Reserve «Altyn-Dala»

E. I. Rachkovskaya, N. V. Nelina



The generalized large-scale maps as well as characteristic of the vegetation of three cluster sites of the new nature reserve “Altyn-Dala” (Kazakhstan) were compiled. The studied territory is located in two natural zones – steppe (sub-zone of desert steppes on light chestnut soils) and desert (subzone of northern deserts on brown soils). 7 types of vegetation – steppe, desert, forest, shrub, meadow, paludal and aquatic (aquatic macrophytes) occur on the territory of the nature reserve. Interesting and rare plant communities were recorded.

Key words: Kazakhstan, vegetation mapping, desert steppes, northern deserts, meadows, aquatic macrophytes, ecological series of plant communities

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Rachkovskaya E. I., Nelina N. V. 2018. The vegetation of the Nature Reserve «Altyn-Dala» // Geobotanical mapping 2018. St. Petersburg. P. 91–106.