Volume 41, 2007


Terrestrial nonmotile green microalgae (Chlorophyta) of Russian European North
V. M. Andreyeva

Terrestrial nonmotile green microalgae (Chlorophyta) of the Polar Urals
V. M. Andreyeva, O. Ja. Czaplygina

Cyanoprokaryota in the fouling of the mussel farms from the White Sea
R. N. Beljakova

Morphological variability and taxonomy of Thalassiosira fauri (Gasse) Hasle (Bacillariophyta)
S. I. Genkal, V. I. Scherbak, N. V. Maystrova

Flora of the freshwater green algae (Streptophyta, Zygnematophyceae) in the protected areas of the Leningrad Region (reservoirs of Kotelsky and Lammin-Suo Bog sanctuaries)
A. F. Luknitskaya

Diatom flora of Lake Teletskoye (Altai, Russia)
E. Yu. Mitrofanova, N. A. Skabitchevskaya, G. V. Kim, R. Eu. Romanov

New taxa of extinct diatoms (Bacillariophyta) from Antarctic
V. A. Nikolaev, D. M. Harwood

Some species of planktic Cyanoprokaryota rare for North-Western Russia from the lakes of Sebezhsky National Park
O. Y. Yakovleva, R. N. Beljakova


The macromycetes of Tomsk Region (West Siberia). 1
N. N. Agaphonova, N. P. Kutafjeva, S. I. Gashkov

The macromycetes of Tomsk Region (West Siberia). 2. Aphyllophoraceous fungi
N. N. Agaphonova, O. E. Kruchkova, N. P. Kutafjeva, S. I. Gashkov

Aphyllophoraceous fungi of Oksky Nature Reserve
L. F. Volosnova

Aphyllophoraceous fungi of the planned national park “Tulos” and its vicinity (Republic of Karelia)
V. M. Kotkova

To the mycobiota of Murmansk Region
V. M. Kotkova

On the higher basidiomycetes of Novgorod Region
V. F. Malysheva, E. F. Malysheva, I. V. Zmitrovich

Coltricia cinnamomea (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota), the first record in European Russia
W. A. Spirin

Rare and noteworthy species of Antrodiella and Diplomitoporus in Russia
W. A. Spirin, I. V. Zmitrovich

Two rare and interesting species of Physalacria from Urals
A. G. Shiryaev

New data on the aphyllophoroid fungi of the “Pripyshminskie Bory” National Park
A. G. Shiryaev


Epiphytic lichens on dentate oak (Quercus dentata) in Primorie Territory
I. A. Galanina, L. S. Jakovchenko

Unexpected discover of Phaeocalicium polyporaeum (Nyl.) Tibell in the North-Westetn European Russia
D. E. Himelbrant, A. N. Titov

Check-list of lichens of the Republic of Tatarstan
A. S. Evstigneeva

The preliminary list of lichens of the Yaroslavl Region (Russia)
E. E. Muchnik, A. A. Dobrysh, I. I. Makarova, A. N. Titov

Comparative analysis of the “Medobory” Nature Reserve’s lichen flora (Ukraine)
T. A. Smerechynskaya

Addition to lichen flora of Laplandsky Nature Reserve (Murmansk Region)
G. P. Urbanavichus, I. N. Urbanavichene, A. V. Melekhin

Epiphytic lichens of the Bashkirsky State Nature Preserve
I. V. Frolov


To the moss flora of Arctic part of the Nenets Autonomous Area
O. M. Afonina, O. V. Lavrinenko, N. V. Matvejeva

New and rare mosses in cities of Murmansk Region
T. P. Drugova

Lichen-moss vegetation of transitions in interdune bogs in eastern Ladoga Lake region
E. A. Kuzmina, E. Yu. Kuzmina

Rare and interesting mosses in Kaliningrad Region
E. Yu. Kuzmina

New and rare mosses for Leningrad Region
L. E. Kurbatova

Distribution of Oligotrichum hercynicum and Pogonatum dentatum (Polytrichaceae, Musci) in Karelia under anthropogenic transformation of ecosystems
A. I. Maksimov, T. A. Maksimova

Additions to the moss flora of “Kivach” Reserve (Karelia). III
A. I. Maksimov, T. A. Maksimova, I. B. Kucherov

The Hepaticae of the Natural park “Lenskye Stolby” (Middle Lena River, Central Yakutia)
E. V. Sofronova

Nomenclatural novelties

Том 41, 2007 год