The first record of Jaapia ochroleuca (Basidiomycota) in the European part of Russia

S. V. Volobuev



The corticioid basidiomycete Jaapia ochroleuca (Bres.) Nannf. et J. Erikss. is recorded for the first time in the European Russia from the «Bryansky Les» Nature Reserve (Bryansk Region). The taxonomic position of the species is defined briefly. Its morphological description and data on distribution and ecology are provided. The details of microscopic structure of the collected specimen are illustrated.

Keywords: aphyllophoroid basidiomycetes, corticioid fungi, mycobiota, Jaapia ochroleuca, «Bryansky Les» Nature Reserve, Bryansk Region, European Russia

Section: Fungi

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Volobuev S. V. 2013. The first record of Jaapia ochroleuca (Basidiomycota) in the European part of Russia. Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast. 47: 68–73.


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