Parmelia asiatica (Parmeliaceae): the first record for the lichen flora of Russia

A. V. Lishtva, D. E. Himelbrant, I. S. Stepanchikova



Recently described from China Parmelia asiatica A. Crespo et Divakar is recorded for the first time in Russia from Kamchatka Peninsula (Eastern Volcanic Range) and Baikal Siberia (Baikalsky, Delun-Uransky and Kodar Ranges). Updated description and localities of the species are presented.

Keywords: new records, Parmelia asiatica, Kamchatka Peninsula, Baikal Siberi

Section: Lichens

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Lishtva A. V., Himelbrant D. E., Stepanchikova I. S. 2013. Parmelia asiatica (Parmeliaceae): the first record for the lichen flora of Russia. Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast. 47: 225–229.


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