The lichens and allied fungi of the Smorodinka River Valley (Leningrad Region)

I. S. Stepanchikova, G. M. Tagirdzhanova, D. E. Himelbrant



Altogether 244 species of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and non-lichenized fungi are reported from the Smorodinka River Valley, a projected protected natural area (Leningrad Region). Arthonia biatoricola Ihlen et Owe-Larss. and Gyalideopsis alnicola W. J. Noble et Vězda are reported for the first time for Russia, Fellhaneropsis myrtillicola (Erichsen) Serus. et Coppins and Phaeocalicium flabelliforme Tibell — for European Russia, Aspilidea myrinii (Fr.) Hafellner and Lepraria borealis Lohtander et Tonsberg are new to the Leningrad Region, Gregorella humida (Kullh.) Lumbsch, Mycoblastus alpinus (Fr.) Th. Fr. ex Hellb., Phaeocalicium populneum (Brond. ex Duby) Alb. Schmidt and P. praecedens (Nyl.) Alb. Schmidt are new to the Western Leningrad Region. The nearest to St. Petersburg locality of Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. on Karelian Isthmus has been found in the Smorodinka River Valley.

Keywords: lichens, new records, Leningrad Region, the Smorodinka River Valley, protected natural area

Section: Lichens

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