Pinnularia arkadii sp. nov., a new diatom (Naviculales, Bacillariophyceae) from Shemya Island, Alaska, USA

A. A. Neplyukhina, D. A. Chudaev, M. A. Gololobova



Based on a unique combination of morphological characters, a new species of the raphid pennate diatom genus Pinnularia was described from the sediments in MacDonald Point peat-bog, Shemya Island, Alaska, USA. P. arkadii sp. nov. has linear valves with parallel margins, widely rounded ends and central area forming wide fascia; striae are relatively coarse, 5.6–6.6 in 10 μm, not crossed by longitudal bands. This taxon was compared to other morphologically similar species of Pinnularia: P. aestuarii, P. brebissonii, P. eifelana, P. franconica, P. idsbensis, P. inconstans, P. laperousei, P. linearidivergens, P. rabenhorstii var. subantarctica and P. tolottiana. The main morphological characters of P. arkadii and similar taxa are discussed.

Keywords: Pinnularia, taxonomy, new species, peat-bogs, Alaska, Shemya Island, USA

Section: Algae

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Neplyukhina A. A., Chudaev D. A., Gololobova M. A. 2018. Pinnularia arkadii sp. nov., a new diatom (Naviculales, Bacillariophyceae) from Shemya Island, Alaska, USA. Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast. 52(1): 83–89.


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