Freshwater achnanthoid diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the southern part of the Murmansk Region

N. D. Tseplik, D. A. Chudaev



During the investigation of achnanthoid diatoms in the southern part of the Murmansk Region 32 species belonging to 1 order, 1 family and 6 genera were found. The genera Psammothidium and Achnanthidium were represented by the largest number of species. Eleven species are new for the flora of the region. Most species are characteristic for oligotrophic waters with low to medium electrolyte content and neutral to weakly acidic pH. A new nomenclatural combination Achnanthidium nodosum comb. nov. is proposed.

Keywords: Achnanthes s.l., diatoms, flora, Murmansk Region, Russia

Section: Algae

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Tseplik N. D., Chudaev D. A. 2020. Freshwater achnanthoid diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the southern part of the Murmansk Region. Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(1): 43–65.


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