Revision of crustose Teloschistaceae (lichenized Ascomycota) from the Russian Far East based on herbarium materials of the Komarov Botanical Institute

I. V. Frolov, L. V. Gagarina



A revision of 47 specimens of crustose Teloschistaceae (so-called “Caloplaca s. lat.”) from the Russian Far East in the herbarium LE belonging to 21 species is resulted in re-identification of 18 specimens and new records. Blastenia furfuracea from the Kamchatka Peninsula is new to the Russian Far East. Caloplaca fraudans is new to the Kamchatka Peninsula. Records of Blastenia ferruginea, B. hungarica, Caloplaca haematites and Solitaria chrysophthalma are doubtful for the Far East. Placodium haematites var. ussuriense Tomin [≡ Caloplaca haematites var. ussuriensis (Tomin) Zahlbr.] is lectotypified and synonymized under Caloplaca stillicidiorum s. lat.

Key words: Blastenia furfuracea, Caloplaca fraudans, Caloplaca haematites var. ussuriensis, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Primorye Territory

Section: Lichens

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Frolov I. V., Gagarina L. V. 2020. Revision of crustose Teloschistaceae (lichenized Ascomycota) from the Russian Far East based on herbarium materials of the Komarov Botanical Institute. Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(1): 139–148.


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