Problems of species and the features of geographical distribution in colonial volvocine algae (Chlorophyta)

A. G. Desnitskiy



More than ten new species of colonial volvocine algae were described in world literature during recent years. In present review, the published data on taxonomy, geographical distribution and the species problem in this group of algae, mainly from the genera Gonium, Pandorina, Eudorina, and Volvox, are critically discussed. There are both cosmopolitan volvocalean species and species with local or disjunct distribution. On the other hand, the description of new cryptic taxa in some genera of the colonial family Volvocaceae, such as Pandorina and Volvox, complicates the preparation of a comprehensive review on their geography.

Key words: Gonium, Pandorina, Volvox, cryptic taxa, reproductive isolation, volvocalean geography

Section: Algae

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Desnitskiy A. G. 2020. Problems of species and the features of geographical distribution in colonial volvocine algae (Chlorophyta). Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(2): 299–311.


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