New and noteworthy species of Chrysophyta for the Russian flora

T. V. Safronova, S. N. Shadrina



The first electron-microscopic investigation of silica-scaled chrysophytes in water bodies of the protected area Kurgalsky Nature Reserve located in the North-West of European Russia has resulted in the discovery of two species that are new for the Russian flora, Mallomonas favosa and M. teres. Mallomonas teres is reported for the first time since its original descriptions. In addition, Paraphysomonas cf. ovalis and an unknown species of Mallomonas were observed. Descriptions, original photos, and habitat features of these four species are given.

Key words: electron-microscopic study, protected areas, Kurgalsky Nature Reserve, Leningrad Region

Section: Algae

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Safronova T. V., Shadrina S. N. 2020. New and noteworthy species of Chrysophyta for the Russian flora. Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(2): 371–380.


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