First record and new host of Uromyces helichrysi (Pucciniales) from Uzbekistan

I. M. Mustafaev, A. N. Khujanov



As a result of mycological research on the territory of Nuratau Nature Reserve, a new rust fungus for mycobiota of Uzbekistan — Uromyces helichrysi was found. This species was collected on Helichrysum nuratavicum (a new host for the U. helichrysi), an endemic plant that have been listed in Red Data Book of Uzbekistan. A brief description and photographs of U. helichrysi are provided.

Key words: Helichrysum nuratavicum, Pucciniaceae, rust fungi, Nuratau Nature Reserve

Section: Fungi

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Mustafaev I. M., Khujanov A. N. 2020. First record and new host of Uromyces helichrysi (Pucciniales) from Uzbekistan. Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(2): 381–385.


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