Halecania ahtii (Leprocaulaceae), a new lichen species from the Russian Far East

I. S. Zhdanov

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31111/nsnr/2020.54.2.405


A new species, Halecania ahtii, is described and illustrated. It is only known from the type locality in the Russian Far East. It is characterized by thin, very inconspicuous thallus consisting of small, dispersed areoles and most likely containing argopsin (identified by fast orange-red reaction with P), as well as relatively small ascospores, and a lichenicolous habit on different saxicolous host species on acidic rocks. A key for Halecania species containing argopsin is proposed.

Key words: biodiversity, Primorye Territory

Section: Lichens

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Zhdanov I. S. 2020. Halecania ahtii (Leprocaulaceae), a new lichen species from the Russian Far East. Novosti sistematiki nizshikh rastenii 54(2): 405–411. https://doi.org/10.31111/nsnr/2020.54.2.405


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