Volume 40, 2009

The synopsis of grasses (Poaceae) of Karelian flora
K. Morozova

A new species of genus Luzula DC. (Juncaceae)
M. Knjazev

A new species of genus Gagea Salisb. (Liliaceae) from Crimean yaila
I. Levichev

New combination in genera Blephariglottis Raf., Fimbriella Butzin, Gymnadeniopsis Rydb., Limnorchis Rydb., Platanthera Rich. and Tulotis Raf. (Orchidaceae)
P. Efimov

The genus Populus L. (Salicaceae) of Indian Himilaya
A. Skvortsov

Gastrolychnis alexeenkoi Lazkov (Caryophyllaceae), a new species to the flora of Tajikistan
G. Lazkov

On independence of Corydalis gracilis Ledeb. (Fumariaceae)
M. Mikhailova

Grossularia Mill. (Grossulariaceae), a new genus to the flora of East Siberia
A. Berkutenko, A. Polezhaev

On the species of Spiraea L. (Rosaceae) section Calospira C. Koch from Far East of Russia
N. Tzvelev

On two species of genus Rubus L. (Rosaceae) new to the flora of Ukraine
L. Krassovskaja

The system of genus Glycyrrhiza L. (Fabaceae)
V. Grankina

Synopsis of Euphorbia L. section Chamaebuxus Lázaro (Euphorbiaceae)
D. Geltman

What is Tithymalus ardonensis (Galushko) Galushko (Euphorbiaceae)
A. Terekbaev

Violets (Viola L., Violaceae) of Republic of Tuva
V. Nikitin

Seseli peucedanifolium Besser (Apiaceae) in Republic of Moldova
P. Pînzaru, A. Rustschuk

Two new species of family Umbelliferae Juss. from Pamir-Alai
M. Pimenov

On the Lonicera buschiorum Pojark. (Caprifoliaceae)
G. Kudrjashova

Synopsis of the genus Ligularia Cass. section Stenostegia Pojark. (Asteraceae, Senecioneae)
I. Illarionova

Synopsis of the genus Aegopordon Boiss. (Asteraceae)
O. Tscherneva

New species of the genera Cirsium Hill (Asteraceae), Seseli L. (Apiaceae) and Acantholimon Boiss. (Limoniaceae) from Kyrgyzstan
G. Lazkov

Critical notes on some species in the Northwest Russia
N. Tzvelev

Type specimens of Pinaceae Spreng. ex F. Rudolphi kept in the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute (LE)
L. Orlova, V. Byalt

Typification of Cruciferae Juss. taxa described by A. G. Schrenk
D. German, O. Tscherneva

Type specimens of taxa of family Crassulaceae J. St-Hil. kept of N. G. Kholodny Botanical Intitute, NAS of Ukraine (KW)
V. Byalt, N. Fedoronchuk

Type specimens of taxa of the genus Rubus L. (Rosaceae) kept in the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute (LE). I. East European taxa
L. Krassovskaja

Type specimens of some taxa of family Loganiaceae R. Br. ex Mart. of the China flora kept in the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute (LE)
L. Raenko

Nomenclature notes

Asarum caucasicum (Duch.) N. Busch (Aristolochiaceae), the correct name of the Caucasian Asarum
A. Zernov


Alphabetical index to taxa names

Alphabetical index to new taxa names

Том 40, 2009 год