Volume 41, 2010

On some species of Agrostis L. (Poaceae) in Northern Asia
I. Enustschenko

On species of the genus Poa L. section Stenopoa Dumort. (Poaceae) in the Eastern Europe
N. Tzvelev

On position of Carex doenitzii Boeck. (Cyperaceae) in the genus system
I. Shekhovtsova

On specific independence of Allium mirzajevii Tscholok. (Alliaceae)
A. Alibegova, R. Mutrazaliev

New subsections and series of Salix L. (Salicaceae) section Retusae A. Kern. for flora of the Asian Russia
A. Petruk

Taxonomic notes on Salix L. species (Salicaceae) in flora of the Asian Russia
A. Petruk

Critical notes on some Caryophyllaceae species in Urals and adjacent areas
M. Knjasev

New species of the genus Corydalis DC. (Fumariaceae) from Kyrgyzstan
M. Mikhailova

A new species of the genus Onobrychis Mill. (Fabaceae) from Armenia
I. Arevschatian

The taxonomic review of the genus Linum L. (Linaceae) of the flora of Russia and adjacent states
A. Svetlova

Spurges (Euphorbia L., Euphorbiaceae) of the Boreal Eurasia. I. Section Paralias Dumort
D. Geltman

On the systematic position of the genus Nyctanthes L. (Oleaceae / Verbenaceae / Nyctanthaceae)
A. Filonenko, A. V. F. Ch. Bobrov, A. P. Melikian

The synopsis of the subtribe Echinosperminae Ovczinnikova (Boraginaceae) in the flora of Eurasia
S. Ovczinnikova

On the genus Heteropappus Less. (Asteraceae) in the flora of Far East
N. Tzvelev

Synopsis of the genus Jurinea Cass. section Incertae Tschern. (Asteraceae)
O. Tscherneva

Notes of some species of the genus Jurinea Cass. (Asteraceae)
O. Tscherneva

Records of new and rare pondweeds (Potamogeton L., Potamogetonaceae) in the rivers of the north-eastern Central Russia (Kostroma and Kirov Regions)
A. A. Bobrov, E. V. Chemeris

Alisma lanceolatum With. (Alismataceae), a new species for the Leningrad Region flora
I. Sorokina

Valerianella echinata (L.) DC. (Valerianaceae), a new species to the flora of Russia
A. Seregin

Taxonomic and floristic notes on flora of Piedmont in Italy
P. Pînzaru

Nomenclatural notes

Validation of specific name of rose (Rosa L., Rosaceae) from Dagestan
I. Buzunova


Alphabetical index to taxa names

Alphabetical index to new taxa names

Том 41, 2010 год