Volume 44, 2013

Althenia F. Pеtit (Zannichelliaceae), a new aquatic plant genus to the flora of Transcaucasia
P. Garakhani, M. Musayev

A new species of the genus Setaria P. Beauv. (Poaceae) from the Russian Far East
N. Tzvelev, N. Probatova

Genus Ochlopoa (Asch. et Graebn.) H. Scholz (Poaceae) in the flora of Belarus
V. Tikhomirov

System of the section Aphanoneuron (Nevski) Tzvelev of the genus Leymus Hochst. (Poaceae) in the flora of Asian Russia
K. Baikov, A. Lipin

Notes on some genera of the family Poaceae
N. Tzvelev

New species of Poaceae from the Russian Far East and their chromosome numbers
N. Probatova

Taxonomic review of the genus Traunsteinera Rchb. (Orchidaceae)
V. Kuropatkin

Neotypification of Euryale ferox Salisb. (Nymphaeaceae)
A. Berkutenko

A new nomenclature combination in the genus Ranunculus L. subgenus Batrachium A. Gray (Ranunculaceae)
A. Luferov

To the systematics of Corydalis gorodkovii Karav. (Fumariaceae)
M. Mikhailova

The genus Apterigia Galushko (Cruciferae) of the Caucasus
V. Dorofeyev

Taxonomical review of the genus Thompsonella Britton et Rose (Crassulaceae)
V. Byalt

Two new species of the genus Cotoneaster Medik. (Rosaceae) from Armenia
A. Nersesyan

Notes on the genus Crataegus L. (Rosaceae)
R. Ufimov

Species of the genus Crataegus L. (Rosaceae) new to Russia
R. Ufimov

The synopsis of the genus Rosa L. section Caninae DC. (Rosaceae) in the flora of the Moksha River basin
A. Khapugin, I. Buzunova

Lectotypification of Rosa × tuschetica Boiss. (Rosaceae)
I. Buzunova

Notes on the genus Primula L. section Cortusoides Balf. f. subsection Cortusa (L.) Kovt. (Primulaceae)
N. Kovtonyuk

A note on the genus Scutellaria L. (Lamiaceae) in the Crimea
V. Pichugin

New taxa of the genus Clinopodium L. (Lamiaceae)
D. Melnikov

On specific independence of Galium amurense Pobed. (Rubiaceae)
E. Balde

A new species of the genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) from Kyrgyzstan
G. Lazkov

Notes on the flora of the Republic of Moldova and Piedmont Region in Italy
P. Pînzaru

Type specimens of names of some species of the genus Geranium L. (Geraniaceae) described by C. F. Ledebour
V. Ivleva

Type and authentic specimens of names of the family Asteraceae taxa described from Russia, Republic of Moldova and Georgia, kept in the National Herbarium of Ukraine (KW)
N. Shiyan

Nomenclatural notes

New combinations in the genus Stuckenia Börner (Potamogetonaceae)
V. Chepinoga

Thymus gorczakovskyi Vasjukov, a replacement name for T. paradoxus Klokov (Lamiaceae)
V. Vasjukov

A new combination in the genus Heteropappus Less. (Asteraceae)
A. Luferov


Alphabetical index to new taxa names

Index to lectotypes and neotypes designated in the volume

Том 44, 2013 год