Volume 45, 2014

On some hybridogenous taxa in the genus Stipa L. (Poaceae)
N. Tzvelev

New species of Cleistogenes Keng (Poaceae) from East Siberia and the Russian Far East
N. Tzvelev, N. Probatova

Festuca altissima All. (Poaceae), a new indigenous species for Republic of Karelia
A. Kravchenko

Elytrigia fursaevii Laktionov, Tzvelev et Mavrodiev (Poaceae), a new species from the Lower Volga Region
A. Laktionov, N. Tzvelev, E. Arkhipova, E. Mavrodiev

A new variety of Fagus orientalis Lipsky (Fagaceae) from Northern Caucasus
V. Byalt, G. Firsov

A new species of the genus Delphinium L. (Ranunculaceae) from Kyrgyzstan
G. Lazkov

Checklist of two new sections of the genus Corydalis DC. (Fumariaceae)
M. Mikhailova

New varieties of the genus Pyrus L. (Rosaceae) from Armenia
J. Akopian

Lectotypification of Rosa biebersteiniana Tratt. (Rosaceae)
I. Buzunova

On the genus Chamaenerion Ség. (Onagraceae) in the Caucasus
N. Tzvelev

A new species of the genus Goniolimon Boiss. (Limoniaceae) from the Northwestern Kazakhstan
M. Knjasev

Typification of Eritrichium sachalinense Popov (Boraginaceae)
S. Ovchinnikova

The system of the genus Teucrium L. (Lamiaceae)
D. Melnikov

The synopsis of the genus Teucrium L. (Lamiaceae) in the flora of the Caucasus
D. Melnikov

A new nothospecies of the genus Teucrium L. (Lamiaceae) from Republic of Moldova
D. Melnikov

Taxonomy and distribution of Phlomis salicifolia Regel sensu lato and related Middle Asian species (Phlomis L. sect. Oxyphlomis (Benth.) Kamelin et Makhm., Lamiaceae)
G. Lazkov

To the systematics of the genus Stachys L. (Lamiaceae)
T. Krestovskaya

Synopsis of the genus Betonica L. (Lamiaceae)
T. Krestovskaya

On Crimean thymes (Thymus L., Lamiaceae)
V. Vasjukov

Notes on aquatic vascular plants of Yakutia on materials of the Yakutian Herbaria
A. Bobrov, O. Mochalova

Nomenclatural notes

Validation of two invalidly published names of Tulipa L. (Liliaceae) species from Northern Kazakhstan
Yu. Perezhogin

Nomenclatural novelties of the family Ranunculaceae in the flora of China
A. Luferov

New combinations in the genus Clinopodium L. (Lamiaceae)
D. Melnikov

Nomenclatural novelties in the genus Thymus L. (Lamiaceae)
V. Vasjukov


Alphabetical index to new taxa names

Index to lectotypes and neotypes designated in the volume

Том 45, 2014 год