Volume 46, 2015

Taxonomic of Typhaceae of the flora of European Russia
E. Mavrodiev, O. Kapitonova

New combination in the genus Caulinia Willd. (Hydrocharitaceae)
V. Tikhomirov

New taxa of Poaceae from the Russian Far East and Baikal Siberia
N. Probatova

New species of Deschampsia P. Beauv. (Poaceae) from East Siberia and the Russian Far East
N. Tzvelev, N. Probatova

New taxa of Poa L. (Poaceae) from the Russian Far East
N. Probatova, V. Barkalov

Note on Poa pinegensis Roshev. (Poaceae)
N. Probatova, I. Enushchenko

A new species in Hyalopoa (Tzvelev) Tzvelev (Poaceae) from the Taimyr Peninsula, East Siberia
N. Probatova, V. Petrovsky

A new species of Festuca L. (Poaceae) from Tomsk Region
I. Enushchenko

Tetraploid taxa (2n = 28) of the Festuca ovina L. aggregate (Poaceae) in Siberia
I. Enushchenko, N. Probatova

Brachypodium peregrinum Stanislavsky et Tzvelev (Poaceae), a new species from Leningrad Region
A. Stanislavsky, N. Tzvelev

On the genus Brachypodium P. Beauv. (Poaceae) in Russia
N. Tzvelev

Checklist of the genus Corydalis DC. section Sophorocapnos Turcz. (Fumariaceae)
M. Mikhailova

A new variety of Corydalis sibirica (L. fil.) Pers. (Fumariaceae) from Yakutia
M. Mikhailova

Dwarf species of Rosa (Rosaceae) section Caninae DC. Subsection Rubigineae Christ in the flora of Caucasus
I. Buzunova

Type specimens of names of taxa of Geranium L. (Geraniaceae) described by L. P. Sergievskaja and deposited in the Krylov Herbarium (TK)
V. Troshkina

Typification of some specific and infraspecific names in Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae)
D. Geltman

Synopsis of Malvaceae in the Central Asia
T. Krestovskaja

Chamaenerion danielsii (D. Löve) Czerep. (Onagraceae) in the flora of Eastern Europe
V. Tikhomirov

On new dogbanes of South-Eastern European Russia due to the acceptance of the genus Poacynum Baill. (Apocynaceae)
E. Mavrodiev, A. Laktionov, Yu. Alexeev

Typification of names of three species of Boraginaceae
S. Ovchinnikova

New genus Drymosiphon Melnikov (Lamiaceae)
D. Melnikov

Thymus × tzvelevii Vasjukov (Lamiaceae), a new nothospecies from European Russia
V. Vasjukov

On the genus Orobanche L. sensu lato (Orobanchaceae) in Russia
N. Tzvelev

Campanula litvinskajae Ogan. (Campanulaceae), a new species from the Western Caucasus
M. Oganesian

A new species of the genus Taraxacum Wigg. (Asteraceae) from the Taimyr Peninsula
N. Tzvelev, E. Pospelova

Achillea × tzvelevii nom. nov. (Asteraceae) and Veronica tzvelevii comb. nova (Plantaginaceae s. l. = Veronicaceae s. str.): two taxa commemorating Nikolai Tzvelev
S. Mosyakin

Nomenclatural notes

New names for two species of grasses
N. Tzvelev

New nomenclatural combinations in Atragene L. (Ranunculaceae)
A. Luferov

Validation of the combination Waldsteinia maximowicziana (Teppner) Prob. (Rosaceae)
N. Probatova


Alphabetical index to new taxa names

Index to designated lectotypes and neotypes

Том 46, 2015 год