Volume 48, 2017

Nomenclature Section of XIX International Botanical Congress (July 17–21, Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China): activity and principal decisions
D. V. Geltman

New taxa in Arundinella and Calamagrostis (Poaceae) from the Russian Far East
N. S. Probatova

New species of Deschampsia (Poaceae) from Japan
N. S. Probatova, V. Yu. Barkalov

The synopsis of the genus Melica (Poaceae) in the flora of Kyrgyz Republic
G. A. Lazkov, A. K. Usupbaev

New species of Poa (Poaceae) from East Siberia and the Russian Far East
N. S. Probatova

New taxa in Festuca aggr. rubra (Poaceae) from the Baikal Siberia and the Russian Far East
I. V. Enushchenko, N. S. Probatova

New combination and new location Gagea reticulata var. robusta comb. et stat. nov. (Liliaceae)
L. S. Krasovskaya

Lectotypification of name Ranunculus taigaensis (Ranunculaсeae)
N. K. Kovtonyuk

Checklist of the genus Corydalis section Dactylotuber (Fumariaceae)
M. A. Mikhailova

A taxonomic note on Sterigmostemum and related genera (Anchonieae, Cruciferae)
D. A. German, I. A. Al-Shehbaz

Three new taxa of Potentilla (Rosaceae) from Caucasus and Mongolia
A. A. Kechaykin

Materials to the review of genus Astragalus section Helmia (Fabaceae)
M. S. Knyazev

Alcea × nadezhdae nothosp. nova (Malvaceae), a new nothospecies from Western Altai (Russia)
A. V. Grebenjuk

Taxonomic revision of the family Punicaceae
N. P. Stepanyan-Gandilyan

Taxonomic review of species of the Stachys section Candidae (Lamiaceae)
T. V. Krestovskaya

A new species of the genus Thymus (Lamiaceae) from North-Western Caucasus
V. M. Vasjukov, A. V. Popovich

“Senecio ucranicus” Besser (1822) versus Senecio ucranicus Hodálová (1999) and Jacobaea borysthenica (Asteraceae): a nomenclatural clarification
S. L. Mosyakin

Floristic records

Euphorbia glyptosperma (Euphorbiaceae), an alien species new for the flora of Russia
D. V. Geltman, N. A. Medvedeva

Nomenclatural notes

Nomenclatural novelties in the family Cruciferae (Brassicaceae) of the Russian flora
V. I. Dorofeyev

New combination in the genus Thymus (Lamiaceae) of the flora of Balkan Peninsula
V. M. Vasjukov

Том 48, 2017 год