A new species of Alchemilla (Rosaceae) from the Komi Republic

A. V. Chkalov

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31111/novitates/2018.49.93


Description of a new species, likely endemic for the Komi Republic, Alchemilla zolotuchinii Czkalov (A. sect. Alchemilla ser. Alchemilla subser. Alchemilla, A. aggr. nemoralis Alechin) is published, including illustrations of its main morphological features. The differences from related species A. rigescens Juz., A. nemoralis Alechin, A. lindbergiana Juz., A. schmakovii Czkalov, A. submamillata Juz., A. leiophylla Juz. and A. denticulata Juz. are specified. The new species is treated as a result of hybridization of the close relatives from A. subser. Alchemilla: A. aggr. nemoralis, A. aggr. subcrenata Buser, A. aggr. acutiloba Opiz. A loss of indumentum (particularly, on the leaf surfaces) is considered as a consequence of the manifestation of recessive traits due to similar inbreeding in different groups of the genus. Based on this an artificiality of delimitation of A. subser. Heptagonae is briefly discussed.

Key words: Alchemilla, Republic of Komi, apomicts, new species, endemic

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Chkalov A. V. 2018. A new species of Alchemilla (Rosaceae) from the Komi Republic // Novitates Syst. Pl. Vasc. Vol. 49. P. 93–98. https://doi.org/10.31111/novitates/2018.49.93

Submitted: 06.06.2018. Accepted: 18.12.2018.


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