Review of species of the Stachys section Satureoides (Lamiaceae)

T. V. Krestovskaya



On the base of a critical review of the material kept in the most of main European and some Asian Herbaria, a synopsis of the genus Stachys L. section Satureoides R. Bhattacharjee is given. The description of the section is enlarged (calyx 5–10(15)-veined, upper floral leaves often with short spinescent tip, stamens slightly exserted from the corolla tube). The section is represented by 4 species distributed in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The keys for determination of its species and infraspecific taxa are compiled. The data on main synonyms, ecology, geographical distribution and types are given. The lectotypes of S. satureioides Montbret et Aucher ex Benth., S. ramosissima Montbret et Aucher ex Benth., S. burgsdorffioides (Benth.) Boiss. and S. burgsdorffioides subsp. ladanoides Hand.-Mazz. are designated.

Key words: Stachys, section Satureoides, taxonomy

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Krestovskaya T. V. 2018. Review of species of the Stachys section Satureoides (Lamiaceae) // Novitates Syst. Pl. Vasc. Vol. 49. P. 125–129.

Submitted: 08.06.2018. Accepted: 12.12.2018.


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