New species of Corydalis (Fumariaceae) from Xinjiang (China)

M. A. Mikhailova



A new species Corydalis nodosa Mikhailova (sect. Strictae (Fedde) Wendelbo) is described from NW China, Xinjiang, Tian Shan mountain system, Dzharges ridge. The new species differs from C. tianshanica Lidén by its larger size, shorter pedicels, and shorter spur; from C. laxifloraLidén by biternate leaves, a short racemose inflorescence, missing bracteoles, and smaller size. From the two above-mentioned species, it differs by nodose last year’s stems.

Key words: Corydalis, section Strictae, China, Xinjiang

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Mikhailova M. A. 2021. New species of Corydalis (Fumariaceae) from Xinjiang (China) // Novitates Syst. Pl. Vasc. Vol. 52. P. 57-61.

Submitted: 11.10.2021. Accepted: 25.11.2021.


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