Astragalus sareptanus (section Trachycercis, Fabaceae), described but not published, published but not recognized

M. S. Knyazev



Astragalus sareptanus A. K. Becker has been shown to be mistakenly regarded as a synonym or variety of A. rupifragus Pall. A. sareptanus is characterized by drooping legumes, the trait clearly separating this taxon from A. rupifragus, but bringing it closer to other two species of section Trachycercis Bunge — A. megalanthus DC. and A. rupifragiformis Popov. A. rupifragus is endemic to the southern coast of Crimea, whereas A. sareptanus is an East European-Kazakhstan steppe species. The new variety Astragalus rupifragus var. subcaulescens Knjaz. is described.

Key words: Astragalus, section Trachycercis, Astragalus sareptanus, restoration of species rank

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Knyazev M. S. 2022. Astragalus sareptanus (section Trachycercis, Fabaceae), described but not published, published but not recognized // Novitates Syst. Pl. Vasc. Vol. 53. P. 35–41.

Submitted: 15.06.2022. Accepted: 19.12.2022.


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