Meadows of the North-Eastern Altai

T. V. Maltseva, N. I. Makunina



The North-Eastern Altai is an ultra-humid area with climax vegetation represented by tall-herb fir (Abies sibirica) dark-coniferous forest. Its  meadows belong to the class Molinio-Arrhenatheretea. The typical asso­ciation Aegopodio podagrariae—Dactyletum glomeratae originates in the watershed clearings after climax forests whereas ass. Hyperici perforati—Agrostietum giganteaereplaces the previous one under mowing and grazing. The Molinietalia wet meadows are widespread in the river valleys. The meadows of ass. Cirsio heterophylli—Calama­grostietum langsdorffii occur on wet soils in small depressions and along floodplain mire margins, and ass. Ca­rici ovalis—Deschampsietum cespitosae comprises typical floodplain hay-meadows on moist, nutrient-rich soils.

Key words: meadows, classification, association, North-Eastern Altai

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Maltseva T. V., Makunina N. I. 2002. Meadows of the North-Eastern Altai // Vegetation of Russia. N 3. P. 22–31.

Received February 11 2002