Issue 12, 2008


High-mountain vegetation of the southern macro-slope of Academician Obruchev Range (East Tuva Plateau)
E. G. Zibzeev

Vegetation of the Berd river and its tributaries (Novosibirsk region, West Siberia)
L. M. Kipriyanova

Vegetation of sandy outcrops in Pechora tundra
E. E. Kuljugina

New association of petrophyte vegetation of Northern Pryazovie
M. M. Sereda

Aquatic vegetation (Lemnetea, Potametea) of the Ob river floodplain (within the limits of Aleksandrovskiy district of Tomsk region)
G. S. Taran

Aquatic and helophyte vegetation of the Donty Lake (The Komi Republic)
B. Yu. Teteryuk

Some associations of the ruderal vegetation from Nalchik (Kabardino- Balkaria)
N. L. Tsepkova, I. T. Kuchmezova, L. M. Abramova

Herbaceous vegetation of the abandoned settlements in the mountain-forest zone of Bashkortostan Republic
S. M. Yamalov, N. M. Saifullina, B. M. Mirkin

Research methods

SynBioSys Europe — an European biological information system
T. M. Lysenko

Why and what for is necessary to publish geobotanical releveés in available press
N. V. Matveyeva

History of science

«Take rooting» of the Braun-Blanquet approach classification of vegetation in the USSR and Russia
B. M. Mirkin


The scientific-practical seminar «The problems for syntaxonomy: the vegetation higher units of Russia and countries-members of the Commonwealth of Independent States» (Ufa, 25-26 October 2007)
V. B. Martynenko, S. M. Yamalov

Critics and bibliography

(A review) J.-M. Gehu. Dictionary of phytosociology and synecology. 2006. 899 p.
V. B. Golub, L. F. Nikolaychuk

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O. V. Galanina

(Book review) Water-protective woods of the Ufa plateau: ecology, syntaxonomy and environmental significance / Ed. A. Y. Kulagin

(Book review) Biodiversity of the Polar Ural ecosystems / Ed. by M. V. Getsen

(Book review) Environment and biological diversity of Berezovye Islands Archipelago (The Gulf of Finland) / E. A. Volkova, E. A. Glazkova, G. A. Isachenko, V. N. Khramtsov (eds.)

Выпуск 12, 2008 год