Aquatic and helophyte vegetation of the Donty Lake (The Komi Republic)

B. Yu. Teteryuk



The results of a syntaxonomical study of plant communities of the large lake Donty (North-East of the European part of Russia) are presented. The diversity of hydrophytic vegetation has been classified into 3 classes (Lemnetea, Potametea and Phragmito-Magnocaricetea), 5 orders, 8 alliances, 20 associations and 1 community. Subasso­ciation Scolochloetum festucaceae caricetosum aquatilis is new. Communities of associations Caricetum aquatilis, Equisetetum fluviatilis, Potamo—Nupharetum luteae, Potametum perfo­liati are mostly wide distributed, while these of Phragmitetum communis, Scolochloetum festucaceae ones are relatively rare as well as Lemno—Spirodeletum polyrchizae, Elodeo—Potametum alpini, Potamo—Nupharetum pumilae, Potametum praelongi and Scirpetum lacustris are very rare. Some communities contain 2 regional rare species: Scolochloa festucacea and Ranunculus lingua.

Key words: syntaxonomy, aquatic and helophyte vegetation, Lemnetea, Potametea, Phragmito-Magno­caricetea, the European North-East of Russia, the Donty Lake

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Teteryuk B. Yu. 2008. Aquatic and helophyte vegetation of the Donty Lake (The Komi Republic) // Vegetation of Russia. N 12. P. 76–85.

Received May 25 2006