Issue 34, 2018


Pine forests (Pineta kochianae) in the Republic of Daghestan
Z. I. Abdurakhmanova, V. Yu. Neshataev, V. Yu. Neshataeva

Coenotical diversity of vegetation of mountain-tundra and open woodland belts on the Manpupuner Ridge (Northern Urals, Pechoro-Ilychskiy Nature Reserve)
S. V. Degteva, Yu. A. Dubrovskiy

The floodplain meadows of class Molinio-Arrhenatheretea Tx. 1937 in the Varzuga River valley (Murmansk Region)
N. E. Koroleva, E. I. Kopeina

The syntaxonomy of the meadow vegetation of Kulunda and Kasmala pine forest strips (Altai Territory)
M. P. Tishchenko, A. Yu. Korolyuk

Segetal vegetation of the Southern Urals: alliance Scleranthion annui (Kruseman et Vlieger 1939) Sissingh in Westhoff et al. 1946
G. R. Khasanova, S. M. Yamalov, M. V. Lebedeva


Geobotany at the XIV Delegate Congress of Russian Botanical Society and the conference “Botany in the Modern World” (Makhachkala, June 18–23, 2018)
T. M. Lysenko, D. M. Mirin

III International seminar “Mire vegetation: modern problems of classification, mapping, use and protection” (Minsk – Grodno, Belarus, September, 26–28, 2018)
O. V. Galanina

Critics and bibliography

(Book review) In search of happiness: botanist V. A. Havryliuk and his life journey in diaries, letters and memoirs of contem­ poraries. Киïв: Palyvoda A. V., 2018. 468 p.

History of science

Viktor Gavrilyuk (1928–2005) and his role in the study of Chukotka
O. V. Svystun, G. A. Chorna, T. V. Mamchur, M. I. Parubok

Выпуск 34, 2018 год