Review and Editorial Process

All submitted manuscripts are analyzed for compliance with the profile of the journal, relevance, novelty, as well as formatting in accordance with the Instructions for Authors and the Reminder for Authors. The manuscripts that do not meet the specified requirements are returned to the authors. Only manuscripts that meet the requirements of the Journal are registered and sent for review.

The journal follows the practice of double-blind peer review: submitted manuscripts and reviewers' evaluations must be anonymous. Authors are responsible for preparing anonymous versions of manuscripts, and reviewers are responsible for the anonymity of reviews.

Anonymous versions of manuscripts are sent for review to recognized specialists in the studied group of plants or fungi. Depending on the circumstances, the manuscripts are evaluated by two or more reviewers.

When submitting a manuscript, authors should provide the names and e-mails of reviewers who are familiar with the research issues and are able to evaluate various aspects of the work. For articles in English, if possible, foreign reviewers, preferably native English speakers, should be named. If necessary, the authors should indicate undesirable reviewers and explain the reasons. The Editorial Board takes into account the opinion of the authors, but reserves the right to choose reviewers.

Reviews should be performed in the form of a completed Manuscript Evaluation Form and, if necessary, accompanied by an annotated version of the manuscript.

The reviewed manuscript is checked through by its Editor and sent to the corresponding author with the recommendations for revision within the specified deadline.

The authors should make corrections or, if necessary, revise the manuscript in accordance with the comments of the Editor and reviewers, or provide reasonable objections. The corresponding author must provide answers to all questions posed by the Editor and reviewers. The revised version of the manuscript must be returned to the Editor within the specified deadline.

If the manuscript is not returned to the Editor within the deadline, the initial date of its registration is canceled, and the new submission date is the day of receiving the final version of the manuscript.

The publication-ready manuscript is sent for approval by its Editor to the Deputy Editors-in-Chief of the section and then to the Editor-in-Chief.

Page proofs of the articles should be proofread and returned by the corresponding author within the specified deadline.

Manuscript Evaluation Form