Vasilii Dudka

Vasilii Dudka

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Position: Research Assistant


Research interests:

  • Biodiversity, systematics, ecology and geography of order Exobasidiales (Exobasidiomycetes, Basidiomycota).

Keywords: Mycology, biodiversity, parasites, systematics, Exobasidiales

Education and work experience:

2011–2016 — Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University (VSPU), Faculty of Natural Geography, Department of Botany and Methods of Teaching Biology, Bachelor's degree. Topic: «Agaricoid basidiomycetes of natural parks: «Nizhnekhopersky», «Ust-Medveditsky», «Tsimlyanskiye peski», «Shcherbakovsky», «Volgo-Akhtubinskaya poyma»».
2017-2019 — Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU), Faculty of Biology, Department of Botany, Master's degree. Topic: «Mycorrhiza status of linden (Tilia spp.) in the city parks of Saint Petersburg».
2019 — until now— V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, postgraduate student.

2017 — V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, Laboratory of Fungal Biochemistry, Senior laboratory assistant.
2018 — until now— V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute RAS , Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Research Assistant.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2019-2021. RFBR № 19-04-00024-A «Heterobasidioid fungi Pucciniomycotina (Basidiomycetes) in the light of the evolution approach: phylogeny, biodiversity and functional role in natural communities».
  • 2017-2018. RFBR № 16-04-01468-A «Mixotrophy of pyroloids (Pyrola spp. and Orthilia secunda) and orchids (Goodyera repens) in forest communities: structure and significance of fungal symbionts».

Conferences and workshops:


Selected publications:

Dudka V.A., Zmitrovich I.V. A critical catalogue of Exobasidiales (Exobasidiomycetes, Basidiomycota) of north-temperate Eurasia. Nova Hedwigia. 2021. 113(3-4): 403-427.

Dudka V.A., Malysheva E.F., Malysheva V.F., Zhukova E.A. Mycorrhiza of linden (Tilia Spp.) in artificial plantings of Saint Petersburg. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2021. 55(1): 11-35. [In Russian]

Dudka V.I, Zmitrovich I.V. Micromycetes Rossicae: Chorological and taxonomical notes 3. Exobasidium sundstroemii (Exobasidiales, Basidiomycota) – New find for Leningrad region. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2020. 54 (6): 460-464.

Zmitrovich I.V., Dudka V.A. Micromycetes Rossicae: Chorological and Taxonomical notes. 2. Melampsora arctica (Pucciniales, Basidiomycota) – urediniospore variability in specimens from European and Siberian Arctic. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2020. 54 (5): 384-388.

Zmitrovich I.V., Dudka V.A., Shevchuk S.V. Micromycetes Rossicae: Chorological and taxonomical notes. 1. Chrysomyxa succinea (Pucciniales, Basidiomycota) – new find for Saint Petersburg, European Russia. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2020. 54(4): 305-308.

Zmitrovich I.V., Volobuev S.V., Dudka V.A., Zhukova E.A., Sidelnikova M.V. Bondartseva M.A., Ganoderma applanatum (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) at the Saint Petersburg area. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2019. 53(6): 354-362.

Dudka V.A., Malysheva E.F., Malysheva V.F., Zhukova E.A. Mycorrhizal status of Tilia cordata in the Summer Garden (Saint Petersburg): diversity of fungal symbionts and type of mycorrhizal colonization. Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2018. 52(4): 243-251. [In Russian]