Anna Grishniakova

Anna Grishniakova

Author Identifiers: Russian Science Citation Index

Position: Senior Engineer


Research interests:

  • Ecological and geochemical assessment of the soils.
  • Radioactivity of Dictyonema shale and soils developed on Dictyonema shale.

Keywords: Ecological and geochemical assessment, soil, radioactivity, Dictyonema shale

Education and work experience:

2020 – bachelor's degree in ecology, SPbU.

2017 – Technician-ecologist of TehnoTerra ООО (LLC).
2017 – until now – Senior Engineer, Laboratory of Vegetation Cover Dynamics in the Arctic, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2022. RSF № 20-17-00160 «Classification and mapping of the East European tundra habitats in the EUNIS system as a basis for their study and protection, preparation of a Red List of habitats».


Selected publications:

Zelenkovsky P.S., Solovyova E.N., Grishnyakova A.I., Chubarova Y.M., Isikov V.P., Sikorsky I.A. Ecological and geochemical features of the soils of the Opuksky Reserve (Republic of Crimea) and the influence of anthropogenic factor on its natural-territorial complexes. Geology of the Crimea: Scientific notes of the Department of Sedimentary Geology. Issue 3 / Edited by V.V. Arkadiev. St. Petersburg: LEMA Publishing House. 2021. 126-139.

Lebedev S.V., Podlipsky I.I., Grishnyakova A.I., Klimova L.A. Radioactivity of soils of the Kirchhoff altitude (Leningrad region). Earth sciences and civilization. Collective monograph. Volume XI / Edited by E.M. Nesterov, V.A. Snytko St. Petersburg: Publishing House of A.I. Herzen RSPU. 2019. 111-117.

Grishnyakova A.I., Lebedev S.V., Fedorov P.V. Radioactivity of Dictyonema shale and assessment of their impact on the ecological situation in the Baltic Klint area in the Leningrad region. Geology, Geoecology, evolutionary Geography: A collective monograph. Volume XVIII. St. Petersburg: Publishing House of A.I. Herzen RSPU. 2019. 188-191.