Yuri Novozhilov

Yuri Novozhilov

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Academic degree, academic title: Dr.Sc., Professor in Biology

Position: Leading Research Scientist

E-mail: YNovozhilov@binran.ru

Phone number: +7 (812) 372-54-17 . 2439

Research interests:

  • Biodiversity, ecology, biogeography, systematics and phylogeny of slime-molds (Myxomycetes = Myxogastria)

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Education and work experience:

Leningrad State University, Leningrad, USSR, M.A. in Biology, 19701975.

Komarov Botanical Institute, Leningrad, USSR (1981), Ph. D. in Mycology, 19781981.

Komarov Botanical Institute, Leningrad, USSR (1981), DSc in Mycology, 2005.

Komarov Botanical Institute, Leningrad, USSR (1981), Professor in Biology, 2012.

Senior Research Scientist (with responsibility for the Myxomycetes), Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,1988present
Scientific Researcher, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19811988
Research Assistant, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19781981
Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19751978

Grants and research projects:

  • Beringian Fungi, National Park Service, CSEM-Institute, project participant (19992001)
  • Planetary Biodiversity Inventarisation. Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans, National Science Foundation (NSF), (DEB-0316284, director Steven L. Stephenson, participant, 20042006)
  • Linking local databases for collections of plasmodial slime moulds (Myxomycetes) to create a global web-based herbarium, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF, 20052006, co-principal)
  • Myxomycete ecological diversity of the deserts in the north-western Caspian lowland (RFBR, 02-04-49907, director, 20022004)
  • Creating of the biogeographical database and geographical data retrieval system Fungi of Russia (RFBR, 02-07-90439, director, 20022004)
  • Genetic and ecological aspects of biogeography of nivicolous slime molds (Myxomycetes) of alpine and lowland landscapes (RFBR, 13-04-00839-A, director, 20132015)
  • Estimation of the hidden diversity of the higher fungi and slime molds in the soil vulnerable natural ecosystems through metagenomic approach and classical molecular analysis (RFBR, 15-29-02622, 20152017, director)
  • Myxomycetes in ecosystems of the salt-dome elevations of the Caspian lowland, (RFBR, 07-04-00353, 20072009, director)
  • Scientific program 1300 Phylogeography trends and evolution of model groups of basidiomycetes and slime molds (20092011, participant)
  • Phylogeography and genotypic diversity of the model species of slime molds with wide ranges in the arid ecosystems of Eurasia (RFBR 10-04-536, 20102012, director)
  • Scientific program of RAS Biodiversity: state and dynamic, project Patterns of development of micromycete complexes and their role in the formation and functioning of the primary high-latitude Arctic ecosystems (20112013, director)

Conferences and workshops:

Participant of numerous international scientific conferences, e.g.:

  • 5-th International Conference Studying of fungi in ecosystems. Perm, Perm Pedagogical University, 2009. C. 175178. (Genotypic diversity of Physarum notabile T. Macbr. (Myxomycetes) in the arid regions of Eurasia, Myxomycetes of Altai: taxonomic and ecological diversity)
  • International scientific-practical conference Nature conservation in Russia: problems of protection and ecological restoration of the steppe ecosystem dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the organization of the state reserve Orenburg. Orenburg steppe Institute RAS, 2009. C. 8587.
  • 7-th International congress on systematic and ecology of Myxomycetes, Recife, Brazil, 2011 (Molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of Physarum notabile, Taxonomical and ecological diversity of nivicolous myxomycetes of the Teberda Nature Reserve (Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia)
  • Biodiversity and ecology of mushrooms and fungi-like organisms of the northern Eurasia, Ekaterinburg, 2015 (Nivicolous myxomycetes in alpine and lowland landscapes of European part of Russia).

Professional memberships:

  • Russian Botanical Society
  • Chairman of the Mycological section of the Russian Botanical Society


Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraina, Turkmenistan, Russia (Buriatia, Arctic and Subarctic regions: Kola Peninsula, Polar Ural, Yamal Peninsula, Taimyr Peninsula, Chukotka Peninsula; Altai, Far East, Sakhalin, Leningrad, Volgograd and Astrakhan provinces), Mongolia, USA, Neotropics area (Puerto Rico, Costa Rica) and South Asia (Vietnam)

Editorial activity:

Scientific-organizational and teaching activities:

Supervisor of undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Zemlianskaia Inna V. (Director Ph.D), Myxomycetes of steppe and desert communities in the Caspian Lowland
  • Fefelov Eugeni A. (Director M.A., Director Ph.D.), Myxomycetes of Sverdlovsk province
  • Kosheleva Alena P. (Director M.A., Director Ph.D.), Myxomycetes of the State reservation Stolby (Eastern Sayan: taxonomy and ecology)
  • Vlasenko Anastasia V. (Director Ph.D.), Myxomycetes of pine forests in the right-bank of the upper Ob river
  • Okun Mikhail V. (Director Ph.D.), Morphospecies of Physarum notabile cf. T. Macbr. (Myxomycetes) in arid regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia
  • Erastova Daria (Director PhD), Genetic and ecological aspects of biogeography of nivicolous slime molds (Myxomycetes) of alpine and lowland landscapes
  • Schepin Oleg (Director Magister)

Selected publications:

Bortnikov F.M., Matveev A.V., Gmoshinskiy V.I., Novozhilov Y.K., Zemlyanskaya I.V. et al. Myxomycetes of Russia: a history of research and a checklist of species. Karstenia. 2020. 58: 316-373.

Gmoshinskiy V.I., Bortnikov F.M., Matveev A.V., Novozhilov Y.K. New data on myxomycetes of Lazovsky state nature reserve (Far East, Russia). Botanica Pacifica. 2020. 9(1): 155-164.

Vlasenko A.V., Novozhilov Y.K., Prikhodko I.S., Botyakov V.N., Vlasenko V.A. A new species of Stemonitis pseudoflavogenita from Russia, and the first record of Stemonitis capillitionodosa in Eurasia. Phytotaxa. 2020. 447(2): 137145.

Vlasenko A.V., Vlasenko V.A., Novozhilov Y.K., Asbaganov S.V., Dejidmaa T. Methods and Difficulties of Identifying Species in Studies on the Ecology and Distribution Patterns of Spore Organisms. Contemporary Problems of Ecology. 2020. 13(4): 346-359.

Zemlyanskaya, I.V., Novozhilov, Y.K. & Schnittler, M. An annotated checklist slime molds (Myxomycetes = Myxogastrea) of western Kazakhstan. Karstenia. 2020. 58: 168-189.

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