Ivan Zmitrovich

Ivan Zmitrovich

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Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Biological Sciences

Position: Leading research fellow

E-mail: IZmitrovich@binran.ru

Research interests: Biodiversity, biomorphology, coenology (syntaxonomy) of xylotrophic basidiomycetes; taxonomy of Polyporales; theory of morphogeny; pharmacological activity of higher basidiomycetes

Education and work experience:

Graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University, Nature sciences faculty, Department of Botany. Graduation work Aphyllophoralean fungi of Saint Petersburg, 1995.

Candidates dissertation Corticioid and heterobasidiomycetous macromycetes of the Leningrad Region, BIN RAS, Jan 1999 (supervisor M. A. Bondartseva).

Doctor's dissertation Phylogenesis and adaptatiogenesis of polyporaceous fungi (family Polyporaceae s. str.), BIN RAS, 15 November 2017 (consultant M. A. Bondartseva)

1990‒1995 Student of Herzen State Pedagogical University
19951998 Graduate Research scholar, Komarov Botanical Institute
19982000 Junior Research fellow, Komarov Botanical Institute
20002003 Research fellow, Komarov Botanical Institute
20032016 Senior Research fellow, Komarov Botanical Institute
2016current Leading Research fellow, Komarov Botanical Institute

Grants and research projects:

During 19982014, was a contractor in 20 research projects, particularly:
Definitorium Fungorum Rossicum (1998‒2000)
Red book of Leningrad Region (1999)
Taxonomy, ecology and geography of aphyllophoroid macromycetes of Russia. Families Atheliaceae, Bankeraceae, Clavariaceae s. lato (2002‒2004)
Ex situ conservation of Russia macromycetes biodiversity (2003‒2005)
Mycobiota of nature ecosystems of Belarus-Valdai Lake District (2004‒2006)
Structure and function features of generative stage formation in basidial macromycetes in pure culture environments (2006‒2008)
Biodiversity, taxonomical and ecological characteristics of cantharellaceous, gomphaceous, thelephoraceous and corticioid fungi in Russia (2006‒2008)
Macromycetes of broad-leaf forests of nature reserves of Russia (2007‒2009)
Mycobiota of aride territories of South-Western Russia (2008‒2010)
Regularities of fungal biota formation in boreal forests of North-West of Russian Plain in the karst landscape environments (2008‒2010)
Substrate preferences and spatial structure of aphyllophoroid fungi biota in nature ecosystems of European Russia (2009‒2011)
The main directions of divergence of cryptic species of fungi and myxomycetes as result of climatic changes and indicator of functional ecosystems state (2012‒2014)
Key features and distributional pattern of mycobiota of coastal and Iceland subarctic territories of Russian North (on example of Arkhangelsk Region) (2014‒2016)
Elaboration of method of revealing and recognition of biologically valuable forests in south taiga zone (20062008)

Conferences and workshops:

IX Moscow symposium on plant phylogeny, Russia, Dec 2125, 1996.
IV International conference Problems of forest pathology and mycology, Moscow, Russia, Oct 1317, 1997.
International conference devoted to 80-years anniversary of Department of mycology and algology of MSU and 90-years anniversary of M.V. Gorlenko The modern problems of mycology, algology and phytopathology, Moscow, Russia, Apr 1998.
II (X) congress of Russian botanical society, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2629, 1998.
International conference, devoted to 100-years anniversary of organization in Komarov Botanical Institute the research on mycology and cryptogamic botany Mycology and cryptogamic botany in Russia: traditions and the modern state, St. Petersburg, Russia, Apr 2428, 2000.
V International conference The problems of forest pathology and mycology, Zvenigorod, Russia, Oct 710, 2002.
XI International plant phylogeny symposium, Moscow, Russia, Feb 35, 2003.
International conference Actual problems of investigation of myco- and phytobiota, Minsk, Belarus, Oct 2527, 2004.
International conference devoted to 100-years anniversary of beginning of carrier of Prof. A. S. Bondartsev in Komarov Botanical Institute Fungi in nature and anthropogenic ecosystems, St. Petersburg, Russia, Apr 2005.
IX Workshop of Commission on macromycetes investigation, Vyoshenskaya, Russia, Oct 410 2006.
IV International conference Biodiversity. Plant introduction, St. Petersburg, Russia, Jun 58 2007.
XV Congress of European mycologists, St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept 1621, 2007.
Jubilee conference, devoted to 100-years anniversary of M. V. Gorlenko Higher basidiomycetes: individuals, populations, communities, Moscow, Russia, Feb 2225, 2008.
VI All-Russia mycological workshop Mycelial mode of life and ecological-trophic groups of fungi, Moscow, Russia, Jul 2228, 2012.

Professional memberships: Mycological section of Russian Botanical Society

Expeditions: Russia (Nizhnesvirsky Reserve, Zhigulevsky Reserve, Oksky Reserve, Veps Plateau, Izhora Plateau, Karelia Isthmus, protected nature areas of Leningrad Region, Novgorod Region, Rostov Region), Israel, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway.

Editorial activity:

Responsible secretary of Mikologiya i fitopatologiya
Member of editorial board of International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
20022008 Member of editorial board of collection Novosti sistematiki nizschikh rastenii
20042010 Responsible editor in book series Folia cryptogamica Petropolitana
Responsible editor of series of monographs

Scientific-organizational and teaching activities:

Member of collective of Scientific-education center of BIN RAS, compiler of lecture course Morphology and reproduction of fungi. Taxonomy of Basidiomycetes
Supervisor of one successfully finished Candidates thesis
Consultant of one successfully finished Candidates thesis

Selected publications:

A total 160 scientific publications, particularly:
Zmitrovich I. V. To the problem of higher fungi origin: the Florideae hypothesis // Zhurnal obshchei biologii. 2001. . 62, N 4. P. 296314 (in Russian).
Zmitrovich I. V., Wasser S. P. Modern view on the origin and phylogenetics reconstruction of Homobasidiomycetes fungi // Wasser S. P. (ed.) Evolutionary theory and processes: Modern Horizons. Dordrecht, Boston, L.: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004. P. 230263.
Zmitrovich I. V., Malysheva V. F., Malysheva E. F., Spirin V. A. Pleurotoid fungi of Leningrad Region (with notes on rare and interesting East European taxa). SPb.: VIZR, 2004. 124 p. (in Russian).
Wasser S. P., Zmitrovich I. V., Didukh M. Ya., Spirin W. A., Malysheva V. F. Morphological traits of Ganoderma lucidum complex highlighting G. tsugae var. jannieae: The current generalization. Ruggell: A.R.A. Gantner Verlag K.-G., 2006. 187 p.
Zmitrovich I. V. Definitorium fungorum Rossicum. Ordo Aphyllophorales; Issue 3. Familia Atheliaceae et Amylocorticiaceae. SPb.: KMK, 2008. 278 p.
Zmitrovich I. V. Epimorphology and tectomorphology of higher fungi // Folia Cryptogamica Petropolitana. 2010. No 5. 272 p. (in Russian).
Ţura D., Zmitrovich I. V., Wasser S. P., Spirin W. A., Nevo E. Biodiversity of Heterobasidiomycetes and non-gilled Hymenomycetes (former Aphyllophorales) of Israel. Ruggell: A.R.A. Gantner Verlag K.-G., 2010. 566 p.
Zmitrovich I. V., Wasser S. P. Phylogenetic conundrum of the mushroom-forming fungi (Agaricomycetes) // Misra J. K., Tewari J. P., Desmukh S. K. Systematics and evolution of Fungi. Goregaon: Piramal Life Sciences Limited, 2011. P. 207252.
Zmitrovich I. V., Malysheva V. F. Towards a phylogeny of Trametes alliance (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) // Mikologiya i fitopatologiya. 2013. . 47, N 6. . 358380.
Kosakyan A., Zmitrovich I. V., Didukh M., Wasser S. P. Agaricomycetes of Israel. Königstein: Koeltz Scientific Books, 2013. 375 p.