Alexander Rodionov

Alexander Rodionov

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Academic degree, academic title: Dr.Sc., Professor

Position: Principal Investigator, Laboratory Head


Research interests:

  • Plant molecular phylogeny and cytogenetics.

Keywords: Poaceae, genome evolution, plant molecular phylogeny

Education and work experience:

1977 — Leningrad State University, Dept. of Genetics. Diploma: «Effects of EDTA on the mitotic chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster».
1985 — PhD Studentship of the National Research Institute of the Animal Genetics and Breeding. Ph.D. Thesis: «Cytochemical study of molecular heterogeneity of bird chromosomes».
2002 — Doctoral studies of Biology Faculty (Genetics; Cell Biology) St. Petersburg State University Doctor of Biology Thesis: «Avian Cytogenetics: physical and genetic chromosome maps and the problem of karyotype evolution».

1977–1978 — Teacher of the 280th School (St.Petersburg) (General Biology).
1978–1986 — Researcher of the Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics of the National Research Institutre of the Russian Academy of Agricultute (St.Petersnurg-Pushkin).
1986–2002 — Senior Research Staff Member of the Laboratory of Chromosome Structure and Function, Biological Institute of Leningrad State University (St. Petersburg-Stary Peterhof).
2002 — until now — Head of the Laboratory of Biosystematics and Cytology of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
1986–2003 — Assosiate Professor of Cell Biology, Dept. of Cytology and Histology of the St. Petersburg State University.
2003 — until now — Professor of Biological Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University.

Grants and research projects:

Project leader:

  • RFBR №18-04-01040 «Ways and mechanisms of changes in genoms and karyotypes of plants interspecific hybrids and hybridogenic species».
  • RFBR №17-00-00340 (K) «Changes in the genomes and metabolomes of allopolyploids in еthe tribe Aveneae Dumort. under conditions of strict selection and speciation in nature».
  • RFBR №17-00-00337 «Changes in genomes and transcriptomes of allopolyploid cereals of the tribe Aveneae Dumort. under selection conditions and during speciation in nature».
  • RFBR №15-04-06438 «Cytogenetic and molecular phylogenetic study of the phenomena of interspecific and intergeneric hybridization and its role in the evolution of flowering plants».
  • RFBR № 4-04-10114 Scientific project of an expedition to collect herbarium samples and seeds to study changes in genomes and karyotypes in the course of divergence of taxa of flowering plants that arose by polyploidy and interspecific hybridization.
  • RFBR №13-04-10153 Organization and conduct of an expedition to collect herbarium samples and seeds to study changes in genomes and karyotypes in the course of divergence of taxa of flowering plants that have arisen by polyploidy and interspecific hybridization
  • RFBR №13-04-06104 Scientific project for the organization and holding of the 7th meeting «Karyology, karyosystematics and molecular phylogeny of plants».

Selected publications:

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