Ekaterina Kuzmina

Ekaterina Kuzmina

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Academic degree, academic title: PhD

Position: Researcher

E-mail: kuzminaeju@binran.ru

Phone number: +7 (812) 372-54-11

Research interests:

Flora, taxonomy, ecology and geography of mosses of the North of Russia, the Far East and Western Siberia. Special attention is given to the group of mosses of the family Sphagnaceae, taxonomy, ecology, geography, biology, chemical and microbial composition of these plants.

Education and work experience:

Окончила Ленинградский государственный университет им. А. А. Жданова, биологический факультет, кафедра геоботаники. Дипломная работа «Участие мхов в типичных растительных сообществах окрестностей Пекульнейского озера (Корякское нагорье)», 1987 г.

Кандидатская диссертация: «Листостебельные мхи Корякского нагорья», БИН РАН, октябрь 2003 г. (научный руководитель Б. А. Юрцев)

1981–1987 — студентка Ленинградского государственного университета
1987–1992 — аспирантка Ботанического института им. В.Л. Комарова
1992–2008 — младший научный сотрудник лаборатории лихенологии и бриологии Ботанического института им. В.Л. Комарова
2008–наст.вр. — младший научный сотрудник лаборатории лихенологии и бриологии Ботанического института им. В.Л. Комарова

Grants and research projects:

Participated in 20 initiative grants RFBR. Took part in several projects, including: in the framework of the state contract with the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation No. 16.518.11.7071 of 12 May 2011 «The study of the diversity of recent and fossil plants and fungi on the basis of the collection of the Botanical Institute as an object of scientific infrastructure for collective use». Subject: development of research methodology and directions of development of the collections of the Botanical Institute RAS; the Programs of Basic Research of Presidium RAS «Wildlife: current status and problems of development»; collaborated with «Aconitum» Ltd. and the St. Petersburg Academy of Forestry and Technologies for the organization of specially protected natural areas (the state contract with the Government of St. Petersburg) to study the vegetation of specially protected natural territories of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Selected projects:

  • «Preservation and development of the herbarium of bryophytes as the basis of taxonomic and floristic studies»
  • «Development of biological herbarium of the Botanical Institute of RAS and preparation on its basis of the publication «Bryophyte flora of Russia»
  • «An Experimental study of the structure, the functioning and resilience of ecosystems of the Chukchi tundra in the context of global climate change»
  • «Identifying the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic influence on the composition and structure of partial floras of the Western Siberian Arctic»
  • «The study of the bryophyte flora of the North of Western Siberia»
  • «The bryoflora of the Kamchatka Peninsula»
  • «Flora of pleurocarpous mosses of North Asia»
  • «The patterns of the volcanogenic transformation and dynamics of the vegetation cover by the example of Kamchatka»
  • «The patterns of the vegetation cover differentiation and dynamics in the volcanic regions by the example of Kamchatka»

Conferences and workshops:

  • International scientific conference dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Kamchatka expedition (1732–1733), «Conservation of biodiversity of Kamchatka and adjacent seas»
  • XXXIX International conference in St. Petersburg branch of the Russian National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology «Challenges unused space of the Russian Empire: expediting activity of the Academy of Sciences of XVIII-XIX centuries (to the 275th anniversary of the beginning of the second Kamchatka expedition)»
  • All-Russian conference «Fundamental and Applied Botany at the beginning of the XXI century»
  • IX International Conference «Biodiversity of Kamchatka and adjacent seas»
  • I, II, III International Conference «Ecology and diversity of forest ecosystems in the Asiatic part of Russia» Czech Republic
  • All-Russian conference «The problem and strategy of biodiversity conservation of the flora of North Asia»
  • All-Russian conference with international participation to the memory of outstanding scientist Leonid Vladimirovich Bardonov «Problems of studying and preservation of the flora of Eurasia»
  • International conference dedicated to the 110th anniversary since the birth of Z.N. Smirnova and K.I. the Ladyzhenskaya «Bryology: traditions and modernity»
  • COST ACTION FA1103: endophytes in biotechnology and agriculture. Workshop, France
  • International conference devoted to 100 year anniversary of R.N. Schljakov
  • 22 nd EVS International Workshop, Italy

and many others.

Professional memberships:


The European part of Russia, the Peninsula Yamal, Western Siberia, Chukotka, Koryakia, Kamchatka and the Southern Kuril Islands

Editorial activity:

  • Ответственный секретарь ежегодника «Новости систематики низших растений»
  • Член комиссии по подготовке исторических очерков «Ботанический институт им. В. Л. Комарова Российской Академии наук: три века истории» к 300-летию Ботанического института РАН

Scientific-organizational and teaching activities:

  • The curator of the herbarium of Sphagnum mosses in the herbarium of mosses BIN RAS
  • Member of the Commission of the Botanical Institute for labor disputes
  • The guide of scientific research of students of St. Petersburg state University
  • Scientific advice graduate students of St. Petersburg state University and the Botanical Institute

Selected publications:

Всего 85, в т. ч.:

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