Liudmila Konoreva

Liudmila Konoreva

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Academic degree, academic title: Ph.D.

Position: Research Scientist


Research interests:

  • Study of the biota of lichens in the Arctic, Siberia, the Far East and Central Russia.
  • Taxonomy of the genus Micarea Fr. outside the tropical Holarctic.

Keywords: Lichens, Arctic, Far East, Siberia, biodiversity, taxonomy, geography, lichen protection

Education and work experience:

1997-2002 – studied at Belgorod State University.
2002-2004 – studied at the magistracy of St. Petersburg State University.
2005-2007 – studied at the graduate school of St. Petersburg State University.

2009 – until now – Research Scientist of the Laboratory of Flora and Plant Resources of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute named after V.I. Avrorina KSC RAS.
2010 – until now – Research Scientist, Laboratory of Lichenology and Bryology, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Project leader:

  • 2019-2021. RFBR № 19-04-00074 А «Biodiversity and phylogenetic relationships of lichens of the Far East and West coast of North America on the example of the families Micareaceae and Teloschistaceae».
  • 2019-2021. RFBR № 19-44-390003 r_а «Lichenological assessment of forest ecosystems of the Kaliningrad region aimed to protect them and predict the consequences of anthropogenic transformation».
  • 2016-2018. RFBR № 16-04-01488_а «Critical revision of difficult groups of crustose lichens from the genera Pyrenodesmia and Micarea in Holarctic».
  • 2016. RFBR № 16-34-50074_mol_nr «Inventory and inseration Belarusian lichen samples of the first quarter of the XX century in the herbarium Komarov Botanical Institute RAS (LE)».

Member of research team:

  • 2020. RFBR № 19-54-50010 JF_A «Morphological and molecular-phylogenetic study for the diversity of lichenized fungi of alpine-subalpine zones in southern Far East Russia and Japan».
  • 2018-2020. RFBR № 18-44-140019 r_а «Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of lichen cryoprotectors in the Arctic and Subarctic».
  • 2018-2020. RFBR № 18-05-60093 А «Spatial and temporal changes in lichen- and bryophyte flora of Russian Arctic and adjacent territories in relation to natural processes and anthropogenic influence».
  • 2017-2019. RFBR № 17-04-01483 А «Metabolome analysis as a new approach in chemotaxonomy of lichen genus».
  • 2015-2017. RFBR № 15-44-05105_east_a «Lichens of Sakha Republic (Yakutia): systematics, biology, ecology and analysis of distribution of rare taxa for the conservation of unic plant communities in conditions of the anthropogenic impact».
  • 2015-2017. RFBR № 15-04-05971_a «Saxicolous lichens of the main mountain systems in Russia».
  • 2014-2016. RFBR № 14-04-98810_nord_a «Composition and spatial structure of phytodiversity in mountain ecosystems of Euro-Arctic region».
  • 2014-2016. RFBR № 14-04-01411_a «Families Bacidiaceae, Coenogoniaceae, Gyalectaceae, Lecanoraceae and Umbilicariaceae in the lichen flora of Russia: taxonomy, ecology and geography».

Professional memberships:

Selected publications:

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