Laboratory of Anatomy and Morphology


Nouria Koteyeva

Nouria Koteyeva


В штате лаборатории 11 сотрудников, в том числе 2 доктора наук, 1 из которых – профессор, и 5 кандидатов наук.

Research interests

  • Сравнительная анатомия и морфология растений.
  • Механизмы адаптации растений к факторам среды.
  • Структурно-функциональная организация растений.

Main publications


Molecular phylogeny and forms of photosynthesis in tribe Salsoleae (Chenopodiaceae).
Schüssler C., Freitag H., Koteyeva N., Schmidt D., Edwards G., Voznesenskaya E., Kadereit G.
Journal of Experimental Botany. 2017.

Unique photosynthetic phenotypes in Portulaca (Portulacaceae): C3-C4 intermediates and NAD-ME C4 species with Pilosoid type Kranz anatomy.
Voznesenskaya E., Koteyeva N., Edwards G., Ocampo G.
Journal of Experimental Botany. 2017.

Influence of light and nitrogen on the photosynthetic efficiency in the C4 plant Miscanthus × giganteus.
Ma J.-Y., Sun W., Koteyeva N. K., Voznesenskaya E., Stutz S. S., Gandin A., Smith-Moritz A. M., Heazlewood J. L., Cousins A. B.
Photosynthesis Research. 2017. 131(1): 1-13.


  • First data on the ultrastructure of the leaf cuticle of a Mesozoic conifer, Mirovia Reymanówna (Miroviaceae).
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  • The unique structural and biochemical development of single cell C4 photosynthesis along longitudinal leaf gradients in Bienertia sinuspersici and Suaeda aralocaspica (Chenopodiaceae).
    Koteyeva N.K., Voznesenskaya E.V., O. Berry J., Cousins A.B., Edwards G.E.
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  • Glandular trichomes of Tussilago farfara (Senecioneae, Asteraceae).
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  • 2015

  • An assessment of the capacity for phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase to contribute to C4 photosynthesis.
    Koteyeva N.K., Voznesenskaya E.V., Edwards G.E.
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  • Pollen development in Rhododendron in relation to winter dormancy and bloom time.
    Mirgorodskaya O.E., Koteyeva N.K., Volchanskaya A.V., Miroslavov E.A.
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  • On some regularities of one-seeded fruits evolution.
    Kravtsova T.I.
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  • 2014

  • The acclimation of photosynthesis and respiration to temperature in the C3–C4 intermediate Salsola divaricata: induction of high respiratory CO2 release under low temperature.
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  • Differentiation of C4 photosynthesis along a leaf developmental gradient in two Cleome species having different forms of Kranz anatomy.
    Koteyeva N.K., Voznesenskaya E.V., Cousins A.B., Edwards G.E.
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  • Development, structure and secretion compounds of stipule colleters in Pentas lanceolata (Rubiaceae).
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  • Single cell C4 photosynthesis: a gas exchange perspective.
    von Caemmerer S., Edwards G.E., Koteyeva N.K., Cousins A.B.
    Aquatic Botany. 2014. 118: 71-80.
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